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We invite you to read the heartfelt testimonials from our clients, highlighting their personal journeys, achievements, and the invaluable support they received from our dedicated team.


Happy Customers!!!

Our clients have shared inspiring stories of personal growth, academic achievements, and successful transitions to independent living. Here are a few testimonials from our clients.


“Overall Satisfied with Eliali rating 5
Promptness answering your queries, concerns and complaints Rating 5
How do you rat equality of service 5
How likely are you to recommendation Eliali MPC to other professionals 5
How satisfied are you with weekly updates 5
Rate facilities and the location and what improvements should be 5″


“Overall, how satisfied are you with Eliali as a service provider- Very satisfied.
How would you rate Eliali MPC PROMPTENESS IN ASWERING YOUR Queries, CONCERNS PR COMPLAITS? High very good
How would you rate the quality of our service? Very good
How likely are you to recommend Eliali MPC SERVICE TO OTHER PROFESSIONALS? Definitely
How satisfied are you with our reports? Good
What improvement can we make? None at the moment.”

Independent Visitor

“Excellent home, homely
The home is cleaned and adequately maintained. Good work by all staff, no wonder the young people like it at the home.”

Vitalis – Social Worker

“My YP’S experience of the placement has been very positive. I have found the placement staff very professional, accessible and supporting my YP’s needs.”

Craig Machan MSCB Global Limited

“We were engaged to provide services for Eliali MPC and must admit it was like a breath of fresh air with the level of communication and detail. We had a clear scope which made our delivery much easier. Great company to deal with!”

Commissioner from a Local Authority

“On behalf of the Council thank you so much for everything that you and your staff team have done to support our Young Person. From our initial engagement with you last week when we were seeking a placement out of hours to her move to a secure unit last night your approach and partnership work has been exemplary. I wanted to highlight some of this below :

1.) Our initial contact with you was late into the evening last Wednesday. Your calm and thoughtful approach to considering her needs and risks and what was required to provide safe care ensured that the decision around placing and the safeguards needed were measured and appropriate.

2.) When Z went missing the actions undertaken by your staff including safely following her, reporting her to police and communicating information to the police and Islington in a timely manner was exemplary.

Your staff were creative in approaching our child’s friends to assist in locating her whereabouts.

Overall Tobby it is evident that the foundation upon which you have built your organisation is rooted in a measured approach to safeguarding and a commitment to the young people in your care and for this we are truly grateful.”

Social Worker

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your support with the young person over the last few months. I know it has been challenging but thank you for all your help! Hopefully the young person will be able to settle and make progress moving forward.”

Young Person

“Thank you for all you did while I was in isolation. You helped me in so many ways and went above and beyond. I really appreciate what you did for me in those two weeks. You will say it’s your job not to let me starve but you didn’t need to go to the shops for me or surprise me with hot drinks or pancakes.

You made being forced to stay in my room by myself bearable.

Thank you!”

Rachel – Home Schooling

“Overall Excellent
All staff have been professional and welcoming to me and supported my pupil to try engaging with the tutoring.”


“Overall- Excellent
Very well-furnished environment. Staff very helpful. Good partnership. Staff cultivate good relationships with residents.”

Ian a Freelance Practitioner

“Overall, how satisfied are you with Eliali as a service provider – Very friendly attentive staff.
How would you rate Eliali MPC PROMPTENESS IN ASWERING YOUR Queries, CONCERNS PR COMPLAITS? Always happy to help, go over and above.
How would you rate the quality of our service? Lovely home, Excellent staff
How likely are you to recommend Eliali MPC SERVICE TO OTHER PROFESSIONALS? Highly recommended

Rate facilities and location – Very homely home.
My third visit to the home. Staff always welcoming and very knowledgeable in assisting me. Always look forward to my visit to the home.”


“I have enjoyed being at the placement and the staff has been supportive in the short time in which I have been here.”

YOT Support Worker

“Lovely house, always clean, great environment; staff always available; staff, in particular, Laura works diligently with Youth Offending Team and other Professionals in the interest of the young person – great teamwork, most appreciated.”

The Flowers are from a YP

“Thank you for all the support give to me.”

YOS Support Worker

“I assess there have been clear improvements since my previous experience with this service. I feel informed of young person’s progress and general wellbeing on a regular basis.”

Local Authority

“Good value for money and young people placed benefit from the professionalism of Eliali team.”

Young Person

“Thank you for doing cooking lessons with me. Thank you Laura for ensuring that I have everything I need to be successful. Thank you Tobby for ensuring that I have a roof over my head. Thank you Michael For ensuring that my bedroom is comfortable and aesthetic. Thank you Blerta sorry for spelling your name wrong. You are amazing in ensuring that I do activities. Thanks Luke for washing up after me when I feel tired I do appreciate this as you see my hard work. Thank you for maintenance and ensuring that the house is fixed to accommodate comfort.”

Social Worker

“I visited Eliali on the 5th of March 2021. The young person appeared to be in a positive spirit and well supported. Laura E was supporting the young person during the mental capacity assessment. She was very professional, knowledgeable about his needs and supportive. The young person appeared to be comfortable when interacting with her.

Laura had very good communication skills and was being sensitive and respectful whilst communicating with him and supporting him during the process. She was also able to provide required information on a need to know basis. Strength based approach was observed as Laura was encouraging to express they’re views and emotions with occasional prompts instead of making him rely on her. Her support was offered when required for example when he needed the information to be ‘broken down ‘for him to support him to understand some questions.

House was clean, well arranged free from clutter and obstructions.”