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Passionate About Young People Success


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Passionate About Young People Success


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Passionate About Young People Success

Welcome to ELIALI MPC

ELIALI MPC Ltd is an independent organisation established to provide targeted life opportunities to vulnerable young people to enhance their prospects of living as independent a life as they possibly can within an enabling and homely supported environment.

ELIALI’s services are designed to meet the needs of young people all year round (365 Days) on a 24-hour sleep-in staff at night or waking night depends on the assessment. Our outcome based support is person-centred and flexible to meet specific individual needs. We provide services to 11 years and above.

Our homes are designed with young people in mind and we would want nothing but young people to feel the welcoming, comfortable and warm environment. We aim to ensure that the environment and culture we create gives young people a sense of belonging and ownership of their individual residential home.

Why Choose Us?

Our specialised accommodation options in supported and semi-supported capacities provide a nurturing environment where independence is encouraged and supported.

Expert Guidance

Our team comprises experienced professionals dedicated to guiding and empowering young people throughout their journey.

Specialised Accommodation

We offer supported and semi-supported accommodation tailored to the unique needs of young people, fostering independence while providing necessary assistance.

Personalised Support

We offer personalised support and guidance, empowering young people to achieve their academic, career, and personal goals.

Pathways to Independence

Our programs are designed to build pathways for young individuals, helping them transition smoothly to independent living with confidence.

Our Services

ELIALI provide a range of structured activities depending on every individual’s support/placement plan. We then match our staff with young people according to young people’s preferences and staff skills mix.

24/7 Supported Accommodation

Children’s Residential Home

Outreach Work

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Eliali MPC Ltd offer?

Eliali MPC Ltd provides interfaces for young people in academic, employment, and social capacities, and support for vulnerable young people. We also offer accommodation in supported and semi-supported capacities to help young individuals transition to independent living.

What age group does Eliali MPC Ltd serve?

We primarily focus on supporting young people in the transition from childhood to adulthood, typically ranging from late teens to early twenties. Mostly we are considering the age limit of  11 years and above.

How long does it take for young individuals to transition to independent living?

The duration of transition varies depending on individual needs, goals, and progress. Our programs are designed to support a smooth and gradual transition, ensuring that young people are equipped with the necessary skills and confidence for independent living.

Can parents or guardians be involved in the transition process?

Yes, we encourage parental or guardian involvement and collaboration in the transition process, as their support and guidance are crucial for the success of young individuals.

Is Eliali MPC Ltd only for individuals in Watford?

No, we welcome young individuals from various locations who are seeking support in their academic, employment, and social endeavors, regardless of their geographic location.

Our Young People Achievements

Eliali extends heartfelt gratitude to all our team members for their dedication and contribution to the positive outcomes achieved over the years. We are proud to celebrate the success of our young people who have recently graduated from university.

Well done everyone!

Get In Touch

Feel free to reach out to us at Eliali MPC Ltd for any inquiries or to learn more about our services. Whether you’re a young individual seeking support in academic or employment our team is here to assist you.


Happy Customers!!!

Our clients have shared inspiring stories of personal growth, academic achievements, and successful transitions to independent living. Here are a few testimonials from our clients.

YOT Team

“I would like to thank Tobby and her team for their work with the young people. This was a particularly difficult placement given the issues that surfaced whilst they were a resident. In my opinion, these issues were dealt the appropriately by the staff group and I found Tobby to be particularly willing to go ‘the extra mile’ to provide support to the young person and that she clearly understood her behaviour was a result of previous trauma and limited thinking skills.”



“I have enjoyed being at the placement and the staff has been supportive in the short time in which I have been here.”


YOT Support Worker

“Lovely house, always clean, great environment; staff always available; staff, in particular, Laura works diligently with Youth Offending Team and other Professionals in the interest of the young person – great teamwork, most appreciated.”