Eliali MPC Projects


ELIALI’s choice of location is deliberate and strategic to derive optimum benefits to the young people we look after.

Our locations and surrounding areas are ideal for social inclusion owing to their proximity to local entertainment value and the tranquil retreats. The locations are also endowed with a wealth of historically valuable destinations and recreation utilities whilst the local scenery, culture and social activities provides a priceless appeal to local populace.


The houses we use are maintained to a very high standard and provide a safe environment with both personal and communal living space which are designed to enable individuals to acquire life skills.

ELIALI MPC Ltd homes are also designed with young people in mind and we would want nothing but young people to feel the welcoming, comfortable and warm environment. We aim to ensure that the environment and culture we create give young people a sense of belonging and ownership of their individual accommodation.

Each young people would have their own allocated bedroom, whilst they share communal facilities, see the Eliali Accommodation for details for each property.

Current Addresses

At the moment we have a number of properties fully operational. To learn more please contact us regarding location and availability.