Health and Well-Being

As per our tagline we are Passionate About Young People Success and will work with third parties to ensure that every avenue and every resource is discussed and made available to individuals as they embrace the development from child to adulthood.

As outlined in Every Child Matters; on assessment, we will consider all the individual’s medical history and current health needs. We work with the Young person agreeing in the areas of support and consequently develop a health care plan to address the needs identified. Care plans will be reviewed monthly or at any time there is change of circumstances.

All our Young people will be supported to register with a local GP, Dentist and optician in the first week of admission. We will work closely with Young people high lightening the need to see their new professional they have been registered with for a health review. Information will be offered to them daily about dietary matters exercise, sexual matters, alcohol and substance misuse, mental health, hygiene to make informed choices regarding their health and lifestyle choices to enable them to make informed choices in life.

Smoking is not allowed in the premises; we have provided a designated area in the garden area for those who smoke. We will inform Young people the dangers of smoking. Those who want to stop smoking will be supported all the way from contemplation stage and achieving their goal involving the GP to control cravings.

The accommodation is a safe and secure home environment and it is important for our service to build links with other partners but also within the local community which will assist in employment opportunities or college placements. The joined-up approach enables us to discuss opportunities, social activities and areas of interest with individuals and they can then agree what they would like to see as part of the plan. It is important that we look at the whole range of requirements and through links ensure that the social, psychological, spiritual, physical, cultural educational and dietary needs are catered for as part of the referral process.

Our properties are designed to support, nurture and facilitate individuals to take control of their lives and establish social skills, develop life and academic skills and mature in such a way they can make informed future choices. The way this can be achieved is through building care and support that is centred around them and their needs.