About Eliali MPC

ELIALI is an independent organisation established to provide targeted life opportunities to vulnerable Young people to enhance their prospects of living as independent a life as they possibly can within an enabling and homely supported environment. 

We are committed to ensuring that those in receipt of our services are empowered through:

An enabling;

  • Safe,
  • Promoting, and,
  • Supportive environment which gives a diversity of information and options from which they can make choices to influence decisions about every facet important in their lives and way of living.

Our services are modelled with full respect for every young people’s:

  • Rights
  • Individuality (sexuality, disability, gender, religion, race, colour, culture, etc.)
  • Dignity
  • Privacy
  • Independence and
  • Choices.

Eliali MPC Limited primarily provides accommodation in a supported and semi-supported capacity building a pathway for young people to transition to independent living working through a two-year process for 16 to 18-year old’s. Our partner network is designed to provide interfaces for the young people in academic, employment and social capacities to support the young people in the transition from childhood to adulthood. Underpinning this is the complex infrastructure of person centered support for health and wellbeing, partners and medical intervention.

The company was formed by Tobby Muraya, Managing Director and Person of Significant Control, who as a qualified Mental health nurse believes that with the correct support and environment young people can move on from what may have been a troubled background and make the right choices about their future. Our staff are our most important asset and the requirement to ensure they have available to them all the resources to manage their own Continual Professional Development (CPD) and it is important that we set a base level through the staff induction programme and initial training. All our staff go through the induction training before they are deployed to work with young people. This induction gives them an appreciation of management, roles and organisation of ELIALI, ELIALI Behavioural Framework, Effective Communication, Professional Conduct, Essentials of Confidentiality and Roles (working in different capacities with young people).

The accommodation is a safe and secure home environment and it is important for our service to build links with other partners but also within the local community which will assist in employment opportunities or college placements. The joined-up approach enables us to discuss opportunities, social activities and areas of interest with individuals and they can then agree what they would like to see as part of the plan. It is important that we look at the whole range of requirements and through links ensure that the social, psychological, spiritual, physical, cultural educational and dietary needs are catered for as part of the referral process.

Our typical referrals are 16-18-year olds that are moving on from care, many of whom are dealing with health or wellbeing issues that can be both physical or mental. We also accept referrals for asylum seekers.

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